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4 In the 2006 World cup held in Germany,the final between France and Italy was spoilt by one incident which is reffered to Zinedine Zidanes head butting of Marco Matressi in which both players got red cards. 4 In the 1994 final match between Brazil and Italy, Robetto Baggio missed the final penalty,so giving Brazil the cup . 3 The German footballer Franz Beckenbaur is the only person to win the world cup in 1974 as the German captain and as the manager inthe 1990 world cup in Italy.

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The away jersey has a subtle blue design worked into it and it is that same famous blue that the most recent Spanish championship teams wore at the Euros and 2010 World Cup. Why its special – Everything about these two World Cup jerseys is remembering the successes of the past as Spain are desperate to get back to the period of dominance they enjoyed from 2008 to 2012. The 1994 jersey inspiration was big because Italy represented a constant foe that Spain couldn’t beat until they did in Euro 2008. The blue in the away jersey is a big reference to the jerseys worn by many Spanish teams in the past and specifically the Championship winning 2012 team.