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Also known as the kit that Bernard Sumner donned for New Order’s iconic “World In Motion” video, this blue-patterned jersey was hardly worn by the Three Lions themselves, spain world cup 2022 jersey but that just makes it even more of a cult classic. £34.99. At Sports Direct. Don’t drunkenly stumble your way through the John Barnes rap without it. They then wore the badge to celebrate their success in Saturday’s 1-0 victory at Crystal Palace in the Premier League, but many believed it was just a one-off occurrence.

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Nigeria may also have the best jersey in this World Cup. Home to Al-Ittihad football club, this stadium was severely damaged during the Syrian Civil War, though the Syrian government have begun repairing the ground with assistance from Iran. Even though our perception of Iran is influenced by current political issues, the country’s historical and cultural significance is undeniable, points out Stefan Weber, director of the Museum of Islamic Art and co-curator of the Berlin exhibition.