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Russia has made repeated claims that settlements along its porous border with Ukraine – which the West and Kiev say is a key supply route for the rebels – have been hit by Ukrainian fire, brazil world cup 2022 jersey but no deaths have been previously reported. Russia said the shell hit the courtyard of a residential building in the Russian town of Donetsk – near the Ukrainian city of the same name that has become a rebel stronghold – early on Sunday.

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Still, France appeared to be the more dangerous team. The Peru fans outnumbered the French in the arena in Yekaterinburg and their team has been using any opportunity to pressure France. Striker Paolo Guerrero had the best chance for Peru in the 31st after collecting a pass from Christian Cueva but France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris saved his low shot from close range.

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Shinji Kagawa’s men will wear a kit based on the traditional Sashiko stitching technique, which is made by white rough threads on an indigo-dyed base. Things have happened very fast but I think what counts is maturity and the will to play. If they navigate a way past England, maybe superstitions will have them returning to Glasgow. I have a lot of both. Four goals in 32 Premier League games under the Dutchman and his successor, Sam Allardyce, left some fans questioning whether the striker possessed the natural finishing ability needed at the highest level.