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As a measure of his ability, his Crystal Palace manager Terry Venables went up to him after one match and said he ‘wouldn’t swap him for the other team’s goalie’, who happened to be Peter Shilton. He has had his share of run-ins with authority and even some opponents, but, like Higgins, who he described as ‘an inspiration’, you won’t find him playing to an empty room. A disciplinary hearing followed, at which O’Sullivan was challenged to prove he was ambidextrous by playing three frames left-handed against former world championship runner-up Rex Williams.

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The forest clearing by the entrance to the cave has become a media village with dozens of news organisations from across the world anticipating the rescue. We wish there were some major changes in the team’s World Cup jersey as compared to their official jersey. When there are three other teams going with blue, england 2022 jersey you better put in extra efforts into yours.